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Landscape designer and contractor & professional dry stone waller -Ardèche & Gard


Garden design & Build
Patio design & Build

As landscape designers and contractors, we take care of the whole project.

From the design of your terrace, courtyard or garden to the completion of the work, we create a new place suitable for your lifestyle and personality. We are attentive to your needs and send you regular work reports.

We work with natural materials : plants, wood and stone are at the heart of our design. We are inspired by many different styles : natural, exotic, romantic, Japanese and Mediterranean landscape design.

Each design is unique and sustainable, as we focus on a water-wise design and a selection of drought tolerant plants.


Dry stone walling & stone pavement

We hold a professional certificate of dry stone walling and we respect the technical recommendations of the construction sector.

Dry stone walls and paths (known as calade in South of France) are build without cement or mortar, so they drain the water and have a flexibility that make these constructions very resistant.

We work with various types of stones (limestone, granit, schist, sandstone…) and adapt the stone-setting to the surroundings. Restoring or building in dry stone promotes the local heritage, traditional crafts and give to houses a lot of character.

We provide a 10 years guarantee on each retaining wall or calade we build. During the work we send you detailed reports.


Two garden enthusiasts have created NR Landscaping

Romain Pfister is a landscape designer and contractor since 2009 and a professional dry stone waller since 2017. Nina Guichard has a master degree in biology, and various experiences as event planner and recruiter. Four years after we met, we decided to associate Romain's skills and experiences with Nina's creativity and sensitivity.

Together, we share a naturalist vision of gardening and landscaping. We are especially inspired by the Anglo-Saxon landscape design. We adapt the plants to the climate particularities of our territory (drought, frost, strong rains). We also choose the materials in accordance to the local architecture and landscape.

We had the chance to traveled around the world, to see beautiful landscapes and learn English. Now we are glad to use these experiences to work for our foreign customers.

Our projects are focused on durability and sustainability


Reclaimed materials

We create sceneries and pavements with old stones, tiles, wrought iron. Reclaimed materials give an unrivalled charm.


Small spaces

We reveal the potential of small garden, yard, patio and terrace. We play with colors, perspective, light and volumes to maximize the space.


Plants adapted to soil and climate

We choose plants according to their beauty and optimal growth conditions. We select specialized nurseries using specific growth and watering methods to have healthy and resistant plants.


Dry stone

We restore and build retaining wall, rock fence, stone-paved path. Traditional terrace or contemporary creation.



We create unique wooden trellis, fence, panel, planter & deck. We use natural wood, stained or painted wood.


Landscape design

Whether you dream of Mediterranean garden or a romantic patio, we can design a various range of styles to fit your expectations.

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