Romain Pfister

I am passionated about botany, horticulture and landscape architecture and I create gardens for people since 2009. My inspiration comes from my travels and meetings around the world.

My job ?

I define the style of the projects and the  plant selections adapted to severe climatic constraints (drought, mistral, Cevennes rains, frost). I implement the technical skills  and I work materials.

 5 favourite tools ?


  • miter saw Metabo®

  • drill screw-gun Festool®

  • garden fork Fiskars®

  • stone chisel

  • a measuring tape always in the pocket


My favourite season ?

Autumn for the contrasted foliages from bright-red to golden brown, for the memory of a September in Grand Teton lake (USA), because autumn is the best season to plant.

Nina Guichard

I am a biologist, creative and close to nature. I like playing with colours, textures and the small details that make the difference!

My job ?

I design the architectural concept of our projects and popularize  gardening or landscaping techniques. I listen to our customers and help them transcribe their desires in their outdoor space for a living and personal result.

5 favourite tools ?

  • camera Lumix 25-600

  • opensource software GIMP

  • watercolour pencils Staedtler®

  • colour chart

  • pruning shears ARS®

My favourite season ?

Winter for the shape of the trees laid bare, for the sounds softened by the snow, for the beautiful garden pictures of Cédric Pollet.

Our inspirations & values

Influenced by the Anglo-Saxon naturalistic architectural view, we adapt this design model to Mediterranean or mountain environments characterized by strong climatic constraints.

Travelers and nature lovers, we draw our inspiration wherever our eyes are.

We work with local producers of plants, specialists of their field and developing qualitative cultivation methods adapted to the specific needs of plants. We also work with local stone quarries.

We create partnerships with artisans and artists, masters of their know-how and concerned to work with noble, French or recycled materials.

We support initiatives and professionals working for the restoration and protection of cultural and natural heritage.

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